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How to prevent users from seeing all my contacts?


I use my AC for 2 different businesses.

On one of these businesses I have added 1 user that will take care of the “deals”.

I would like this user to only manage the deals (contacting the prospect, following up, etc).

I don’t want this user to mess around with Automation / Lists / Campaigns / Forms, etc.

So, I have created a user and I added him on a Group “A” and limited that group so he can only access the deals…

My problem is: it seems he still can access all my contacts (for the 2 businesses)… How can I give him access to the leads feature only ? I don’t want this user to be able to access the database of all my contacts…

Thanks in adance you for your help !


Hi Antoine,

If you only give that group access to the Deals CRM, they should only be able to see the contacts associated with the deals they have access to.

Is that not the case?


No. That’s not the case.

Not only the user can see all my contacts, but he still has access to the campaigns, Automation and List pages.


Ah, thanks for the screenshots. I looked into this more and I don’t think you’re able to do this right now. We agree that this would be a good permission to be able to create.

I’ve created an internal feature request for this. That means that the team here who decides what features we implement is aware that our users want this. I cannot promise when it will be implemented, but I can promise you it’s on our radar now.


I’m not sure to understand. Is it a bug in the group permission feature ?

You said : “If you only give that group access to the Deals CRM, they should only be able to see the contacts associated with the deals they have access to.”

Actually he can see all the contacts. Even the contacts that are not into deals or the contacts of the deals not assigned to him…

Also, why can he see the tabs “Campaigns”, “Automations” and “Lists” as I turned them off ?

In “Automations” he can mess with the messages and add automations… I can not give these kind of access to my user… He will get access to all the contacts of my businesses and he could mess up with my messages…


Hi Antoine,

I’m not familiar with the specifics of the permissions functionality so I asked a teammate and he informed me that users should only be able to see the contacts associated with the deals they have access to. I looked into it further, and that’s not correct. I was misinformed and I passed that information on to you. I apologize for that.

Your request for permissions to only access Deals is not something we offer at the moment. I submitted a feedback request to have that added.

Users being able to see the tabs of features he doesn’t have permissions for is a bug. Users being able to create Automations even though they don’t have permissions is also a bug. We’re aware of both these issues and we’ll fix them the next time we revisit our permissions functionality. Unfortunately, software development is often a series of difficult trade-offs and we can’t immediately fix every issue. I can say that we realize how important this functionality is so I’d be surprised if it wasn’t addressed relatively soon.


Understood. Thank you very much for the detailed answer Brian. I appreciate.


That is very important to me too, as I consider this a basic CRM feature.


Yes due to nature of salesperson, contact should be private only for his leads. In other CRM platform, you’ll have option to View All or Personal

This screenshot perhaps can inspire the dev team to improve activecampaign permission feature for better CRM:


Hi Viktor,

Thank you for the specific suggestion on the permissions functionality you are looking for.

At the moment, the closest we offer is pipeline permissions. So, if you’d like to keep salespeople’s deals private form one another, you could create a different pipeline for each sales person.


Bravo!! This is the same exact style of screenshots I provided back in August. It’s not a feature as much as a bug.
Here and here.

I thought this was my post, haha.
But yes, @axiumweb, @michel602, @Viktor_Iwan … I’ve been waiting for this to get sorted for quite some time now. :frowning:


Have you vote ? if not, please do… we need to make this request in better priority among other hundreds of feature request for a better activecampaign…

vote here:

and add comment to request “permission for each user” as well to be able to see his/her own contact only… i think it has to be the same bundle with deal permission…

Let’s make better CRM in AC… :smiley:


This is really vital!

Need it asap myself as our partner deals are stalling on this one simple and i would think obvious issue - The tabs are annoying but they are not the biggest issue.

As we round robin to a variety of people leads. We can’t have the wrong person see all leads as it would be mayhem. Any time line on this?


There’s temporary workaround on this…

  1. Each Salesperson should have his/her GROUP, LIST, and PIPELINE
  2. Each Salesperson/Group should only have access to ONLY his/her LIST
  3. Each Salesperson should have only have access to his/her Pipeline

If you have big number of salesperson this could be a time killer…
Do not have a list that has joined contact between salesperson… otherwise the contact will be visible for both salesperson. This being said… if you have a working automation then you need to duplicate it for each salesperson as well…

A bit headache… but this is a working solution at this moment.


This does work, but the other issue is a user can choose “Manage Tasks” on the drop down on the Contacts Page and see all tasks of each user.

Love the AC platform, but if they can get some standard CRM functions corrected this can be a great tool for many businesses with a need for automation and CRM in one.


Yes the CRM on current stage still need room of improvement… but i think we’re heading to the right direction…
hope for the best


Just wondering if AC is working on this feature. Seems like AC is lacking of the basic features most CRM offers.


Hi @webhero,

We don’t have anything planned for this feature at the moment. I did pass this on to our product team though, for future consideration.



I voted and I noticed this is a year old. Still no word on this? How is this not a HUGE compliance concern? The possibilities of unrestricted access to contacts… :confused:


Hi @anri33586,

For now using lists is likely the best way to address what you are looking for.

But, I let the Product owner know about this again and it is on the list of things to address in the future.