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How to prevent users from seeing all my contacts?


Contacts can get a tag or be added to a list as they enter my system, but that doesn’t stop users from having access to the entire contact database. Currently the best I can imagine is asking each user not to access the contacts or dashboard tab.?

Am I missing something?

How serious is the issue? Is there an actual timeline for implementation for this upgrade? Is there anything I can do to speed that process up? I could ask my 20-50 friends who are also using AC to file a request for this upgrade if that would help? :smiley:


I was considering migrating to Active Campaigns CRM but after reading this, that definitely can’t happen. Please tell me this is not true? The ability to set permissions and restrict sales personnel from seeing others contacts is CRM 101. Really can’t believe you guys dropped the ball on this one.

I’m seeing threads all the way from the beginning of 2016 requesting this feature and it’s 2 years later with nothing. Hopefully someone can reply with some answers.