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What is the timeline for an iOS and Android app for AC?


We are working on it, but I do not know when it will be ready for release.

Can you tell us a few of the features that are being included in the iOS app? I would really like to be able to create & edit campaigns with my iPad Pro. Right now, I can’t drag and drop elements in the editor.

What’s the update on this??

Hi @catalystroi,

We are still working on it, but unsure on a launch date.


@Brian @pleon I love AC. I understand there is probably a LOT on the roadmap. The mobile app seems to have been “in the works” for well over 1.5 years and still no estimate. Can you at least comment on the priority? For those of us who use CRM as a large part of daily business this is a bit frustrating. Hopefully we’re not waiting for the end-all-be-all app. Something minimal to be able to access contacts would be tremendous. Thanks

Hey @rtaylor, I’m John, the Product Manager for iOS here at ActiveCampaign.

I completely understand your frustration. We started our iOS development team just about a year ago and they released the Forms Mobile app for iPad in April. We did that project first because of the low scope and low risk so we could get acquainted with iOS Development before we tackled something larger. I’m happy to say that project was a success for us and we learned a lot and it’s available now and continues to grow in popularity.

In April we began development of the Deals CRM iPhone app and I’m happy to say it’s quite far along and we’re really excited about it.

As far as timeframe for release is concerned I don’t have details I can share for you right now. I can tell you we have a roadmap for release phases and I’m pleased to say we’re on schedule. However as a policy we don’t share product launch details until we’ve very close to releasing and it won’t be this quarter.

Sorry for needing to be so vague, we know this is something people want and have wanted for a long time and people want something yesterday. However we’re not going to put out something half baked and we feel our scope for 1.0 is the minimum we’d want to go to market with. That said, we have ambitious plans beyond that as well.

Expect to hear more from us about this project in early 2018.


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@John_Morrison :- I know that you guys are working on Deal CRM iOS app. Can you please tell me does this app (obviously feature app) allows us to create/update deals from contact record - and then track all emails?

Hi John,

Do you have any plans for an iPhone version of the Forms Mobile app you did for iPad, seems a great way to capture contact details on a device I always have with me :smiley :smiley:

Hey @automationchampion, the app will allow Deal and Contact creation and editing. For 1.0 email sending will use the default Apple and tracking will rely on having the sending account connected in your web application’s settings. We’ll evaluate other options for both of these after the initial release. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

Hey @24-7businessnetworki there are no plans to make an iPhone version of the Forms at at this moment but that has been a surprisingly popular request. We’re planning to revisit the Forms app soon after we release the Deals CRM app as we have a lot we have learned and plan to bring back over to that side of things.

Thanks for the reply @John_Morrison.

Do you have an approx release date for deal CRM app?
I would like to track contact, deal (including task creation) and email track from iPhone app.

Can’t share that yet. We’re going to be making some announcements regarding the iOS app and its release soon. Stay tuned to the blog.

Hi John, thanks for the update on the IOS app. Can you provide any further information on its release?

We shared our update now about the iOS app:

We recently brought on a new director of mobile and we’re in the hiring process for Android Devs. We’re well aware folks want that too, so when we have more to share in that space we’ll let you know, but we have nothing to announce today.

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Hi @John_Morrison excited to start using this with my sales team! We have been waiting for a long time!

Is text messaging on the roadmap at all? Being able to initiate texts and have the outgoing text stored in the contact record would be amazing.

Also after initiating a call some sort of prompt to log a note or result of that call would be amazing!

Look forward to hearing back.


Thanks for your interest!

Nothing planned for text messaging at this time but it’s not something we’ve ruled out.

I think having some sort of call tracking or notation is a good idea and something we’ll explore more in the future, but nothing planned at the moment.

Thanks so much!

Yes, this is a useful feature. I had this in my previous CRM (Base CRM) and found logging calls and texts (automatically) great for record keeping.

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I think there is a big opportunity there for sure. Right now we’re just looking for parity with the web’s features. I think once we have that baseline established there are a lot of exciting things we can do as ‘mobile first’ features.

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Hello everyone, I’m very pleased to announce that ActiveCampaign Deals CRM for iOS is now available!

You can get it here.
You can read about it here.
You can upvote it on Product Hunt

If you like it you can help us out by adding a review and rating on the App Store.

If you don’t or if you have feedback please reach out and let us know. Cheers!