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ActiveCampaign Deals CRM for iOS Beta Program


Update: 4 April 2018 - ActiveCampaign Deals CRM for iOS is now out!
You can get it here.
You can read about it here.
You can upvote it on Product Hunt

The first of several big days is finally here! We’re officially rolling out a public sign up for the long awaited ActiveCampaign Deals CRM app for iPhone.

We’re announcing this first via the community forums because we want to get feedback from some of our most loyal and passionate users as we approach our wider release.

What can the app do?

With the Beta of ActiveCampaign’s Deals CRM app for iOS you can:

  • Log in to your ActiveCampaign account

  • Contacts:

    • View contacts
    • Search contacts
  • Deals:

    • View deals
    • Search deals
    • Mark deals as won or lost
  • Tasks:

    • View tasks
    • Complete tasks
    • Create tasks
    • Edit tasks
    • Delete tasks
  • Notes:

    • View notes
    • Create notes
    • Edit notes
    • Delete notes
  • Emails

    • View Emails on Deals
    • View Emails on Contacts
  • View account user info and settings

  • Send emails via Apple’s built-in Mail App

  • Initiate calls via Apple’s built-in Dialer

  • Swipe on objects (tasks, notes, deals, and emails) to engage with them (Requires iOS 11)

What features are still to come?

The following features are not yet implemented and will be implemented before the 1.0 release:

  • Contacts:
    • Add contacts
    • Edit contacts
    • Delete contacts
  • Deals:
    • Add deals
    • Edit deals
    • Delete deals
  • Change password

The following features will be coming beyond 1.0 release:

  • Activity stream

How do people get it?

Anyone can go to URL and sign up right now. You’ll receive an invite to Apple’s TestFlight service which you can then use to download the app and provide beta feedback.

Beta signup is now closed, we will update this post when it is reopened.

Beta word of caution

While we believe this is a very stable application, and the iOS team has done amazing work, please remember that this is pre-release software. It is a REAL beta. It has bugs. You will likely will encounter a few. If you have concerns about using a beta app on your real account data, you should proceed with caution (and perhaps give it a try on a trial account). We’ll do our best to provide support for issues but customers should expect that, although unlikely, there could be potential for data loss.

Where can you give beta feedback / report bugs?

There is a ‘Submit Beta Feedback’ button in TestFlight. Please submit feedback there!

Has anyone created a companion app for ActiveCampaign?
IOS & Android App

This is great news! I’ve been waiting for this! Im on the Lite plan & realized that this doesnt work unless you are on the Plus or higher plan. I would consider upgrading, but can we add contacts to automations & add & remove the contacts from lists in the app?


Hey Christopher,

This app is firmly for managaging Contacts and Deals. It’s intended to let you directly engage with their records and advance them through your sales pipeline. It has no direct awareness of automations or really anything from a marketing perspective. At least not at this time. As we continue to build out the application past 1.0 this is something we will evaluate if it makes sense to do or if that should belong as a part of a different, more marketing focused, application.


Thank you for the quick reply. That’s too bad. Without being able to add & remove contacts from lists & automations, this app won’t help me at all.


Thanks for the feedback Christopher.

You will be able to add Contacts to lists and change their statuses. It’s entirely possible that we could add some basic awareness of the Automations a contact is in, but it definitely won’t be in the 1.0 release.


I can’t get access, everytime I fill out the form I get an error saying not authorized contact the application owner. See screenshot


Hello, iTunes Connect and TestFlight are down for scheduled maintenance:

I’d say give it another shot later today.


Ohhh ok thanks John for the quick reply


I tried clicking the link you shared but it takes me to an error page

Is there a working link you can post for us to download the mobile app version?


Hello, see above. Apple is experiencing an extending maintenance outage for iTunes Connect and TestFlight which are used to power the iOS beta:

Unfortunately this is not within our control and the form will not work until their system is back online. Our apologies, I would say to try back later.



Hi, thanks for share the app. It will be a save of time every day. I can’t access the kink. Thanks.


Thanks Adrian, it seems that whatever Apple did on Wednesday with iTunes Connect broke a bunch of our related tools, including this one. We’re looking into it and hope to have it back online today. I’ll post here when it is fixed.


@paramountbusinesscoa @sportzfarm the link and form is now back up and working again:


I’d love to be able to see all of my contacts with open tasks and their due date. Somewhat like a to-do list.

So you’d see a list of people with the deals they’re attached to and the due date of the next upcoming task.

That would be an awesome feature that brings all of the urgent stuff to the forefront without having to find which deal they’re associated with.


Thanks for the feedback. We have an idea for something very similar to this. It won’t make it for 1.0 but we’re not abandoning the idea, we’re hoping to get it on our post 1.0 roadmap.


What is the launch date for 1.0? I’ve been dying for this app :slight_smile:


To be announced. We have a target date in mind but we’re not going to announce until we’re feature complete and happy with both the speed and stability of the 1.0. We’re making rapid progress every day though, so it won’t be long regardless.


Been waiting for this.

Will the contact editing support adding tags and automations?

Will there be a way to see lists available to the user?


Hello, thanks for reaching out.

  • Yes to adding tags.
  • 1.0 is not going to have any awareness of Automations as our first target user is a ‘salesperson in the field’ but this is not something set in stone, and we’re open to expanding that way if customer demand warrants it. Additionally there are some changes to Automation management and permissions coming on the web platform so we want to wait for that to roll out before we do anything related on mobile.
  • The plan is to be able to filter the Contact List view by Lists the same way you switch pipelines in the Deals tab. This may or may not make it into the 1.0 release but it’s on the roadmap either way.

Any other questions or ideas are welcome!


Hi John, coming to Ipad too?