ActiveCampaign Deals CRM for iOS Beta Program


It’s not on the roadmap right now but it’s something we’ve talked about and will have not ruled out for the future.


Getting the same error as others when trying to sign up.



Hey Matt,
We’ve decided to close beta signups for now.

That said, since you got here before we officially announced that, I’ve looked up your account and you should receive an email momentarily with an invite to the address specified on your ActiveCampaign account.




Hi John,

Can we be added to the beta app as well?

Love to have visibility of the deals and access contacts quickly.



Check your email :grinning:


@John_Morrison Another question about AC on a phone: I did a trial of AC and was very happy with it, until i tried to compose a very basic email to a contact on my iPhone 6. It worked, but just barely… it was very hard to read what i was writing because the left-sidebar dashboard takes up half the phone screen. Is there a way to minimize that? I’m on the go a lot and really need functionality from my phone, but don’t need the CRM/deals part for my business. Am I just missing something, is there a mobile-friendly way to use the basic email composer/contacts emailing? Thanks.


Hello, thanks for writing. I’m not involved in the new navigation efforts but I can say that there is not currently a way to collapse the side navigation.

That said, ActiveCampaign’s web platform is not tested on, or currently designed for, use on a mobile device. I’m involved on working on the native iPhone app for the CRM platform, and this does include individual email sending. We’re planning to release this very soon.



For the nature of my business currently, it just wouldn’t make sense for me to do the Plus plan… I hate to say this may play a factor on which service I end up switching to (away from Mailchimp…which for all its limitations does play well on the phone)… I’m otherwise really sold on AC!!! Any chance this app might be made available soon for Lite users too, at least for sending off emails that have already been created, or one-offs?


Sorry, but at this moment there are no plans to make this application available for customers on ‘Lite’ plans.

Our ‘Lite’ plan is designed for folks who need email marketing and marketing automation tools. Our ‘Plus’, ‘Professional’, and ‘Enterprise’ plans however cater to the needs of people who are looking for CRM, Sales automation, and more powerful marketing and sales integrations.

We believe the ‘Plus’ plan to be an incredible value and this application is really designed with those users in mind.

The app is called ‘ActiveCampaign Deals CRM for iOS’ and as such it’s central focus is on the CRM portion of our platform: Deals and Tasks. It currently offers no explicit ties to the email marketing or automations portions of our platform so would be of little value to customers on ‘Lite’ plans.

That said, we greatly appreciate customer feedback and will continue to evaluate where we can most effectively add value to our customer in the long term. Right now we feel that ‘Plus’ is the right place for these features.




Thanks @John_Morrison - i’m actually just thinking, not about an app, but about mobile responsiveness for the main site - if the AC dashboard would be made mobile-responsive, that would pretty much solve the issue for me! Even if we can’t use all the features on the phone. Is there any discussion of that? The other platforms i’ve tested are at least viewable for phone.


Hello, that is a completely unrelated issue to the one this thread is devoted to and I’m afraid I have nothing to share with regards to that. At this time there is no active effort to make the ActiveCampaign web platform mobile responsive. At least not one that I’m aware of. Sorry.


Hi John

Any chance I can be added to the beta please? I will give good in-depth feedback and hope that your testing going well so far.

I have an iphone X

Best wishes

John Paul


I just messaged you directly.


Hello everyone, I’m very pleased to announce that ActiveCampaign Deals CRM for iOS is now available!

You can get it here.
You can read about it here.
You can upvote it on Product Hunt

If you like it you can help us out by adding a review and rating on the App Store.

If you don’t or if you have feedback please reach out and let us know. Cheers!