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WooCommerce Deep Data rounds order total



An order of €80,82 gets synced in WC deep data as $80.00
This applies to ALL orders. Therefore the total revenue is off.

We are using a ‘comma’ as the decimal delimiter in the settings of WooCommerce.
It’s the only reason i can think of why this might be happening, so that’s why i mentioned it.

We use ActiveWoo to sync the data.
A custom field from AW called ‘Total Customer Revenue’ syncs the exact amount from the WooCommerce orders, so it should be possible.

Does anybody else experience the same as i do?


WC Deep Data Double purchase entries in E-commerce Tab

Hi Ronald!

Per our Development team, the rounded figures were coming in from ActiveWoo and not our Deep Data integration. I know you’ve been working with our team to remove duplicate orders, are you seeing the rounded figures in an account that still has ActiveWoo integrated?