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WC Deep Data Double purchase entries in E-commerce Tab


We encouter a lot of double entries (almost all) in the E-commerce Tab of WC Deep Data.
This messes a lot with total orders placed and total customer revenue as you can imagine.

Is there ANY way we can get the double entries out?

I have to add that we also use Active Woo to sync the order data.
But it should be compatible with WC Deep Data so with a (historical) sync i would imagine it would not add existing orders again.

Who has too?
And what can we do about it?



Hi Ronald!

Our Support team should be able to help remove the duplicates, although I believe that the double integrations may be causing the issue. Please submit a ticket here, and they’ll take care of the rest!

Thanks, and please let us know if you have any questions!



Hi Megan,

There may already be a ticket open to the development team.
I have a e-mail conversation with Pedro Dos Santos about it. Ticket ID 951703.
Can you check that please?
No need to create double tickets, but also a reason to check if there’s any!




Also…it’s a known issue. And has nothing to do with the double integrations (which sync data in different places anyway)

Take a look at this response:

To which i answered:
Ok, so it’s still a bit Buggy.
Besides disconnecting and re-connecting again, it should also NOT be possible to ‘add data that is already there’…right?


With reply from Pedro:


Ok, so for everyone reading this i have to make an apology.

Using AC WC Deep Data AND ActiveWoo Deep Data ACTIVATED at the same time causes the duplicate entries.
To re-iterate:

  1. Turn on the deep data integration in ActiveWoo, but then un-install the ActiveCampaign free plugin.

  2. Leave the deep data integration in ActiveWoo OFF and use the ActiveCampaign free plugin to handle this.

I chose to go with the Deep Data integration from AW but now i’m experiencing the issue that orders ar being rounded (see post: WooCommerce Deep Data rounds order total), so €80,82 gets synced in WC deep data as $80.00

I’m not sure where this is coming from, but it looks like the best option for Deep Data is still the native one from AC.