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Log emails in AC via BCC?

Is there any way to log sent emails in ActiveCampaign via a BCC address?

Looking for a solution similar to how Hubspot gives you a unique BCC/forwarding address and you can send emails to be attached to contacts.

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Hi @Terry,

We can only track that a BCC email was received not sent. So, we don’t offer a forwarding address solution for BCC emails unless we just want to be certain that they were received.

If you want to also track that a BCC email was sent, I would definitely recommend submitting this as an idea:

Our product team will receive this feedback and consider it for future releases.



Hi Perry,

Sorry I must not have explained myself properly.

Is there a way to BCC ActiveCampaign into a reply to a customer and have AC log that reply against the Customer in the CRM?


Hi @Terry,

Thank you for the additional clarification.

So, we can’t track BCC emails. However, you can track this within ActiveCampaign using To/From. To do this, you would just need to make sure that the contact has an open deal in the CRM and ActiveCampaign will log that reply against the customer in the CRM.

Hope this helps,


Hi @pleon - If you didn’t have a deal open on a contact, and now you do - is there a way to FORWARD an email to AC so that the email record could be stored in AC?

I may have 3-4 emails back and forth before I turn a contact into a deal.


Why no answer?
How can you leave a thread unanswered for 8 months?

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Hi @aequasys,

It appears that this user may have had their question answered by Support. However, for future purposes, the ability to forward an email to ActiveCampaign so that the record can be stored in AC isn’t possible. But if you have syncing set up, your inbox will be synced up and checking for emails so there isn’t a need to “forward”.


In my experience the emails do not sync up after the fact - it only syncs emails sent and received after the deal is created, it won’t pull in emails that were sent before the deal was created.

I agree the bcc functionality described by the OP is commonly found in many other CRM and would be a welcome addition to activecampaign.


is this still working, the automatic syncing?
I just set it up
and it doesnt appear to do anything :slight_smile:

This is such a common feature in CRM’s it’s hard to believe it’s not supported in ActiveCampaign. We really need to have the ability to have a unique email address assigned at the account level that we can BCC on emails and have them stored against the contact in the TO field.

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Relatively new to AC and just discovering this. I agreed with the previous comment, this seem pretty rudimentary and a workflow we were pretty comfortable with inside of HubSpot or FreshSales. If that isn’t really possible, this might not make the best CRM for us. Marketing Automation definitely seems to kick ass. Jury is out on CRM.

The ability to send from Outlook and BBC to ActiveCampaign is definitely something that should be included. As mentioned above, other CRMs enable it.

Hi @CommunityAdmin,
As this is indeed a very common feature in CRM systems, do you know when AC will deploy this feature? For us this is critical in migrating from another well know system.

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Agreed, I just joined a new team that is using AC and I am DESEPERATELY looking for the BCC option… and it doenst exist?

Literally all my previous CRMs have had this option…

Any update on when we may expect this basic basic feature? It would be such a timesaver!



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