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Contact Api V3 search by query params 'fields'


Hello can you help me to filter Contacts using the params ‘fields’ at

What I tried that did not work are:[fields][%phone%]=01234567890[fields][phone]=01234567890[phone]=01234567890[phone]=01234567890

Thank you


its always returning the record even the phone number does not exist.

I want to use the query params ‘fields’ because I want to extend the filter with custom field.


I’ve followed this up with Support via email and apparently the correct API call is:


However there is a bug with the endpoint and it does not work. This bug has been acknowledged by Support and passed to their Developers.


I can confirm … this filter is ignored


Do we have an ETA on this being fixed?

I need this for an application.

Alternatively, is there another way to return specific contacts based on a search?


If I use the email field, the filter works if I have the full email. The “contains” functionality doesn’t work.

Also if I try and use any other field, nothing is returned. I’ve tried firstName, lastName, & orgid

If I mispell the field name, all contacts are returned.


I’ve contacted support and got confirmation that contacts filtering doesn’t currently work with API v3. I was suggested to use API v1 for now as a workaround, with filters[fields][%PERSTAG%]=Value

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