Basic Sales Reporting?


Our team continues to add more sales (deals) data and wondering if there are any plans to provide better sales reporting?


  • Total # deals created in each stage during a specific date range
  • Total # deals opened/won/lost during a specific date range
  • Total $ value deals created in each stages (and total pipeline) during a specific date range
  • Trend analysis (MOM) of the above

I understand there are work-arounds with web hooks but would love to see some native reporting.


Hey Bob,

We’re well aware this is a sticking point for many users and we hear you loud and clear.

We’ve got something in the works that will address most of this and it should be launching very soon. I wish I could give you more insight but for now I can just say: stay tuned!



Hi @John_Morrison - great to hear something is “in the works”, but I really hope you don’t build these features in isolation. Users know what users want, so soliciting feedback and letting users have input on how this looks would be a great idea to release reporting that’s relevant in real world situations. Too often software developers come up with features in a development bubble, thinking that have what users want, only to release is and get lots of feedback saying “If only it did this as well…”

Not saying this is the case - you guys might be all over it.

I’d love to see some basic forecasting in the sales report. Weighted reporting on values for pipeline stages as well. E.g. Qualifying is only 5% probability, so a 100k deal shows a forecast value of 5k. Pretty vanilla stuff for a pipeline.


Hey Andy,

I appreciate your concern and I can definitely tell you you can rest easy. We aren’t doing anything in isolation these days. User interviews, analyzing support tickets & feedback items etc are a big part of our workflow on the product team. All of that said, keep in mind that we ourselves are one of the largest sales teams today using our platform, so we feel the pain of CRM reporting perhaps more than anyone else.

We have a few things coming on the reporting side of things, the first of which will be barely the tip of the iceberg. I know we’ve been a bit quiet with the new releases lately but there is a lot coming down the pipe. I know it’s annoying that I / we are not sharing it all publicly right now (and we will be sharing more in the future) but we have our reasoning. Shoot me an email and when I’m able to preview some stuff for you I’ll be in touch.




Emailing you now John… I’d love a preview ASAP please. What I would like a report that shows average lead times


Hi John, great to hear there is more CRM / deal reporting in the pipeline - I know this has been discussed for the last 12 months on these forums and I’m hoping it’s not too long before it gets rolled out!

Are we closer to this or should we look at alternative means for CRM / sales agent reporting details?

This is the only drawback that we’ve had with Activecampaign as the rest of tools are absolutely awesome!


There is a “work around” using their webhooks but it’s a very rudimentary solution and requires a fairly tedious amount of data manipulation to extract anything meaningful.

We are also considering alternatives.


@sharplaunch @elysiumsystems @accountsonpoint thanks for your continued interest on this topic. Barring any obstacles unknown to me we should have something exciting to share on this front next week.


@John_Morrison Hi John,

Can you please let me know what the exciting news to share on the CRM front is? Thanks!



Hang tight a few more days. We should have some announcements this week.


Hi John, was the exciting news to share the IOS app, or is there another release coming this week? Thanks


We’ve not posted any public marketing about it yet but if you opt into the New Navigation there is a new sales report now available, you can read about it here:


@John_Morrison I didn’t see any literature on the actual “new” sales report, just some before/after screeners of how it looks.

Is there a list of the actual new features, beyond the list of navigation changes?


That article I linked to has explanations of how the report works and what all of the stats are. You have to click through it section by section but it will expand out. If you have suggestions or feedback of what else you’d like the report to do you can let us know at

As far as details about the new navigation, I would refer you to the blog:

I was not intimately involved with the design or implementation of that but it literally touches every page in the application and includes a massive number of UI and UX fixes across the entire platform. That said, aside from the Sales Report there are no new marketing features included in the release, but this was the largest and most throughly tested set of bug fixes and improvements we’ve ever rolled out. It also lays the ground in both the UI and on the infrastructure side for a host of new features you’ll start to see coming soon.


I’m so confused here. How are you guys actually using Active Campaign at Active Campaign for deals? Surely you’re using a 3rd party plugin to collect meaningful data…

With the new release why can you not see the profiles of all the deals won and lost? This release just tickles the itch and I will have to continue using manual spreadsheets to get the job done. Very frustrating that you come so close but are so far!


It’s been at least 2 years - same response. Just move on to another platform for this. I offered a copy of Act 2.0 from 1989 as an example - at least then I could get meaningful reports. Too bad they have so much potential here.


Yeah, it’s really a shame they haven’t figured this out. Massive handicap of ActiveCampaign.