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Adding a task to a contact via automation


Hi all. As part of an automation I am creating, I would like to create a task to call a contact.

I don’t want to create a deal as in the CRM side of things which we’re not using. I just want to create a task so that I know I’ll have to call that contact manually.

Any ideas how I might get this to work?

Many thanks



Hi Robin (@bemore744),

The CRM is the only place within ActiveCampaign that you could automate a task. However, you might be able to setup an automation that tags the contact or create a custom field to then segment who to call.

Hope that helps!



Perry -

This would be a big feature for us as well. Tons of companies are depending on multi-modality touch points that aren’t just email or deal oriented (linkedin request, call, send mailer, etc etc). With the ability to customized task types already there it seems all you are missing it to add it as an automation step option.

I vote for this feature!

Thanks in advance,

  • Max


Absolutely understand, Max (@sycorr), and thank you for the input. I passed this on to the team for you.




So this is a major issue. ActiveCampaign is a great tool to use even when you run a -not- deal oriented business, but the platform somehow lacks usability in important places. For example:

  • You can’t create an contact task within an automation
  • You can create a task for a contact through the API, but…
  • The PHP SDK you guys provide is outdated and only support v1 of the API, which, doesn’t support task management.

So even with all the work arounds I came up with the only that will actually work requires me to write an SDK for the v3 API myself and then add a contact task through the API on signup, but this will obviously lack all the possibilities that an automation will give me.

Is there really still no way to add a contact task through an automation?


We also really need this function. When can we expect implementation?


Any update on this feature. It would be great to be able to add a task within an automation.


We are also in dire need of this functionality too. Really causes us a lot of manual effort without it.