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Workaround for checking if custom field is empty


What is the current best way to check in automation, if a custom-field is empty?
If it is NOT empty, I want to add a tag to this contact

I am asking, because currently (since 2-3 years) there is still no operator available like “is empty” or “is not empty”.

If a visitor fills an form for a service/order request, I use a custom-field (due to gdpr) to click/check, if the visitor wants to get the newsletter besides his service/order request.

I urgently need a workaround.

thanx in advance for your help.

Best regards


Try If/Else Statement: If custom field [name] “is greater than” and leave the value blank. Yes would be the field is not blank, the No path would be is blank.

Note: Adding an If/Then to an existing automation automatically places the following actions into the Yes path and using “is less than” does not work. You will need to move the following actions below, over to the No path in order to use the Yes path to tag based on the field having a value.

Once they get the tag, place a Go To action to put them back on track continuing the automation.