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What is your "marketing stack"?

There are so many great tools, and more being created all the time, so it’s hard staying on top of the latest and greatest. I know what I use, I’d like to hear what you use (and why). Also, I’m thinking about doing a blog post highlighting some of the apps our users have integrated with ActiveCampaign to create their marketing stack.

Anyone care to share theirs?

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, your “marketing stack” is the apps you’ve integrated in order to accomplish your marketing/ecommerce goals and processes. For instance, you might have integrated Instapage for lead capture and then send those leads to ActiveCampaign for dynamic follow-up and then use SamCart to collect money and optimize your checkout process.

My preferred stack is:

  • Wordpress for CMS
  • Bloom plugin for lead capture - They just recently integrated with us, by the way… great plugin for the money. Only shortcoming I’m aware of is that they have no plans for an exit intent feature because of patent trolls (so it’s unlikely they ever will).
  • ActiveCampaign for email marketing/marketing automation - What did you expect? I was a pretty avid Infusionsoft fan prior to finding ActiveCampaign but I’ve never looked back… My favorite feature is Site Tracking.
  • Woocommerce for eCommerce - I like Woocommerce because of all the extensions that are available for it. The Zapier extension allows you to apply tags for individual line items so you can easily track which contacts have purchased which products.
  • I’m currently shopping around for a better analytics solution, but I’ve been using Google Analytics.

What’s your stack?

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Mine is:

  • Wordpress of course
  • OptimizePress for most landing pages and even entire site
  • LeadPages for Webinar rego pages
  • ActiveCampaign for Email Broadcasts and Automation
  • Chargebee for recurring billing
  • GravityForms for flexible forms that can do cool things, like accept payments, run Zaps and add to ActiveCampaign based on conditions
  • Stripe for payments
  • Xero for invoices
  • Slack for internal communication
  • Freshdesk for helpdesk

For me its:

  • ClickFunnels for my entire sales funnel
  • Stripe for Processing Payments
  • ActiveCampaign for e-mail automation

Thrive Leads / Thrive Themes
MoonClerk for the odd payment forms
Xero for accounting


Here are mine:

  • ClickFunnels (Optin/Sales Funnels)
  • ActiveCampaign - Lists/Automations
  • AC Power Tools - Advanced tagging, percentage of video viewed, files downloaded, abandon basket series
  • Stripe - One-Time and Recurring Payments

For me the optin-plugin for Wordpress battle is won by Thrive leads! It has some super awesome A/B testing abilities and two-step options… which doubled my conversions.

And with Thrive Builder you can build awesome landingpages like a breeze in the park :slight_smile:

I have build a landingpage in only 45 minutes for my product the No Bullshit Diet


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Any reason why you are not using Stripe for your recurring payments?

Best out there & the easy to integrate

My fav marketing tech stack would be…

  • Wordpress
  • ThriveThemes
  • ThriveLeads and Landing Pages
  • Gravity Forms
  • Acuity (online scheduling)
  • SamCart w/ Stripe
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Kajabi for memberships or courses
  • Wistia for video
  • GotoWebinar
  • Clicky for analytics
  • Visual Website Optimizer for A/B Testing

Nice stack - @accountabilitysensei!

Noticed you mentioned Kajabi for memberships or courses. We have another thread focused on membership here. I had not heard of Kajabi, would you mind giving your thoughts to the rest of the community on Kajabi for memberships? I’m sure they would like to hear how you’ve used it!

Sure thing! Posted in the membership thread you linked.


My CMS : Prestashop 1.6
Stripe :
Gravity Forms

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