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Webhook for "Contact has been added to list"? (not necessarily a new contact)


Hello! At and I see there’s a webhook for when a contact is created (not necessarily added to a list), and a webhook for when a contact unsubscribes (or is unsubscribed) from a list. Is there also a webhook for when a contact (either existing or new) is added to a list? My plan is to do a two-way sync of contacts’ mailing list preferences via the AC API, and in order to do this, I need to get notified when a contact is subscribed to a list (via their own action or via admin action).

Based on the webhook docs, I’m assuming that the subscribe (“Contact added”) webhook is only triggered when a contact record is first created and is not triggered when an existing / known contact is added to a list, is that correct?

Thanks in advance!


Update: I just tested and confirmed that the subscribe webhook will be called when a contact is EITHER created, OR added to a list, OR both. Hope that’s helpful to someone; I found the api docs a bit vague about it.


Hey Topher,

Thanks for letting us know and we’ll pass your feedback over to the API team.