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URL-encoded email from personalization tag


In my campaigns, I have a link that contains a URL like the following:

ActiveCampaign replaces the personalization tag (%EMAIL%) with the user’s email address. However, I cannot figure out how to get a properly url-encoded version of it.

This is important for many cases, e.g. when an email contains “+” signs or the like. In such cases, the URL might easily become invalid / malformed.

Any way I can get a url-encoded version of the %EMAIL% personalization tag?


Hi, did you ever figure this out? I’m just now in the same position.



Nope, sorry to disappoint you…


This would be great to have. If someone has a weird character in their email address, like a plus symbol for example, you won’t be able to pass their email address through a link via a personalization tag, like: wouldn’t work because the pluses would be considered spaces.

I created an idea to encourage the dev team to add this feature. It would be really nice to have URL encoding of personalization tags. Please vote for my idea to encourage AC staff to add this feature to the email designer: