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Updating custom fields on deals


Current version of API requires making an API call for each custom fields value that needs to be updated (or set) for each deal. So, if an instance of ActiveCampaign has 30 custom fields, then we have to make 30 API calls just to update each custom value. This seems like unnecessary complexity: for example, updating standard field values could be done in 1 API call.

Is there a way to do the same with custom fields? Ideally, even as a part of the update (or create) call to the deals endpoint (this seems like a prevalent practice in the industry).



Missing custom fields value creation on deal CREATE is a misunderstanding. It’s a huge blocker for me to go live with AC


FWIW, V1 API has contact_edit, which can update all custom fields for a contact with one POST. The decision on whether to use V1 or V3 is a mystery. I wonder if there’s a “V1 vs V3” comparison somewhere.