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Unsubscribe Automated Email


Hi there,

We had a contact who wanted to unsubscribe - they sent us an email.

We clicked the unsubscribe link on the email which was sent to the contact in the first place and a pop up appeared. I chose the option the contact wanted me to.

Does anyone know if the contact will receive an automated email once they unsubscribe?

If they do not receive an email, how do I create an unsubscribe email for contacts to receive please?




I don’t think it’s possible to create an automation and send another email once someone has unsubscribed. That’s kind of the point, once someone has you can’t send another email.


@sasudi, @gordoncreative is correct… when they unsubscribe, they will not be sent an email to confirm.


Hi Gordon/Brian,

Thanks for help, I just thought there might have been an automated email to let the contact know they will not be receiving anymore emails from us.

Another question I had which I saw on ActiveCampaign support page - I receive a notification that a contact has unsubscribed.

Can this be done? If so, how?




Hi Simran,

To receive a notification when a contact unsubscribes… create a new automation with “Unsubscribes” as the trigger. Add the “Notify Someone” action to the automation.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


Hi Brian,

Ok great, so i just need add one action box which is to notify me via my email address?

This will apply to everyone who clicks unsubscribe via an email sent by the company too?




Yep, every unsubscribe will trigger the automation and send a notification.


Hi Brian,

I have started to put the automation together, I wanted to double check if I run it once and not multiple times?




Great. You should set it to Runs Multiple Times.