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Unable to add tag to contact via API


Hello, I’m posting to the contactTags endpoint to add a tag to a contact. I’ve fetched both the tag and the contact objects successfully and checked the Id fields. Whenever I post to the contactTags endpoint, I get a 404 response. I’m using this library: which uses guzzle to make http requests. I looked at the addTagToContact method in the ManagesContactTags trait and it appears to have the correct endpoint and data format (contact and tag id’s). The Id’s are String data types. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I’ve also tried the endpoint in Postman and still got a 404 response with a message that says “Tag not found”. However, I’m able to make a GET request in Postman to tags/:id and it returns the correct tag. I think the contactTags endpoint may be broken on their end.