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Two Sites - One Account

Can I collect emails for two sites with one ActiveCampaign account?

Yes. On each list it actually asks you which Website this list is related to.


If you do this, is it also possible to send FROM different e-mails?

It certainly is. You’re able to define the From address for each campaign that you send. It’s the step right after you choose your template. It’s set on the same screen that asks you to create your subject line:

To edit the From address for an existing campaign, you’d open the campaign and click this icon on the design step:

So - next question…
Can I setup more that one DKIM record for each account (it seams I can’t, but maybe I’m missing something).


Yes, you can certainly setup more than one DKIM record if you are using multiple domains.

You should go to your My Settings page > Advanced > “I will manage my own email authentication”:

For each domain:

  1. Enter the domain under the DKIM area and click “generate”.
  2. Add this TXT record to your domain at

You will need to add these TXT records to the DNS of your website. If you can tell us what webhost you are using we can provide specific instructions.

Once you have added each of these records added to your DNS, go back to this page" and make sure you have chosen “I Will Manage my own email authentication”. Then, make sure you click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

For more information about email authentication, you can read here:

If you have any trouble with adding these records, just email us at and we can help you sort it out.

Late to the party, but so glad I found this. Can I assume that it’s all still true today? I can have two sites with one AC account? I’m choosing an ESP at the moment, and this would be a HUGE tick on the Pros side for AC.

Here’s a question related to this: If I were to go this route, would it be a good idea to choose a “domain” ( that doesn’t necessarily identify with either site? That is, use something more universal or generic. So, if both of my sites have names but they’re both known to be run by me, perhaps choose something like “”?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

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Hi @goodschooling,

Yep, still true today!

As for the related question about the “domain”, it’s personal preference. You can also, always use a custom domain later on.

Let me know if this cleared up all of your questions,


Great! Thanks. I will have to come up with a good general name. I have some ideas.

As for the custom domain, I can’t possibly afford a Plus account – or justify it given our usage – but it’s good to know it’s an option out there. Thanks for your time.

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Hi @goodschooling,

Glad this was helpful!

Totally understood and absolutely; happy to help.


That was helpful. I can send from different emails now.
gmail sign up

Are tracking links working for both domains? Or is that still an issue? We have a domain for german speakers and one for english speakers.
I’m happy we can set the send from to the right email… but will tracking links work for both domains??