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Tracking campaigns - Making the utm_source more dynamic

Hi Guys,

I have enabled the Google Analytics option on a couple of campaigns and I can see that the UTM parameters are now being appended to the URL

Two very quick questions

  1. The source “Newsletter” is way too generic for us, we need to be more specific like for example “morning_digest”, “business_digest” , “lunchtime_digest”. These are heavily used by our marketing and analytics team to attribute traffic and subscription sales to the various sources. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this more specific?

  2. The Google Analytics option has to be manually enabled for each campaign sent, (I presume to give the user an opportunity to enter in a reference), is there any scope to ensure that this is enabled on all campaigns by default even if it means the user must enter a name each time?


Claire McMahon

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Hey @theirishtimes1,

That is a great idea for suggestions, I will pass it along to our product team, and encourage you to submit it as an idea to

My answer to “1” is at odds with “2” so please forgive me, but you can always create your own utm_ parameters for the time being manually on each link.

I understand this creates more room for human error, and is tedious, but is the most granular way to approach it.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, we will be able to handle some of this manually but the more content-RSS-driven emails will be a challenge. We either change our reporting dashboard or handle this manually as ActiveCampaign have confirmed we cannot customise these to meet our existing requirements etc.