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Tagging from Salesforce


Hi There,

When I create a lead in Salesforce it syncs with AC. The resulting tag that is created in AC is “created in Salesforce” (or something like that).

But after the lead has been synced into AC I now have to go into AC, find that new contact and manually add the other tags I want.

Does anyone know of a way to add all the tags I want right from Salesforce? It’s such a pain to have to add them in AC especially since the sync isn’t instant.



Create an Automation, with the start trigger being “Tag added is ‘created in Salesforce’”, then apply additional tagging through the automation.

Otherwise you may need to use something like Zapier.


How come the leads in AC also get tagged with created-from-salesforce-lead even if they wasn’t? As in the lead may have already been in AC, the integration appears to update the lead, overwrite field contents and add the tag!