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Sync ActiveCampaign Emails to Tasks in Salesforce via Zapier


I’m trying to figure out how to sync emails sent through Active Campaign to the respective Salesforce account via Zapier. This way I can pull up an account in Salesforce and see all email, call, or order activity for a specific account.

For example, say that is part of a nurture automation. I would like all emails sent to her in that automation sync’d to her corresponding Salesforce account.

Thanks for any help!


I got excited when I saw this post in the forums as it’s exactly what I’m after as well. Then dismayed when I saw there were no replies.

Did you manage to figure it out, @cassidylabs ?


You might want to have a look at for features and functionality not present in Zapier. Setting it up is fairly straightforward but you need help we offer paid consulting. They have a pre built SalesForce connector.


@cassidylabs @boc796

Have you managed to figure this out? This is exactly what we are looking to do as well and have not been able to find a solution.

Does anyone know if Skyvia works for this purpose?