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Suggestion for Part 2 - Engagement Tagging


I like this recipe a lot, however I noticed that since Part 2 (specially web site visits) can trigger this automation many times in a day, the contact activity area can become cluttered (unless u filter it).

The suggestion is simple:

Add a wait for one day before ending the Part 2 automation
Segment the start triggers of Part to only enter if the contact IS NOT in Part 2… this should make Part 2 only run once per day - which works well with what Part 1 does, no need to trigger this many times in one day

Thoughts? I just did this on my AC and waiting to see how it works…

Updated Part 2


Like this idea! I am going to add your suggestions to my own and see how it works out.



It worked very well for me - I have been monitoring the automation and is much better this way…