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SPAM: "BODY: One Time Rip Off"


Hey guys!! It’s my first email (and day) with Active Campaign, and I noticed that this appeared at the bottom of the Campaign Summary page. I’ve checked around on the forum and can’t seem to find anything on it.

The spam filter is telling me “BODY: One Time Rip Off”. I wrote this from scratch…so I haven’t “ripped off” anything. Any ideas what this is referring to?


Hi there - is the alert you’re getting saying that the copy is “ripped off”? Do you mind providing a screenshot so we can look into this a bit further?


Absolutely!! I’ve included one here! Thanks for your help!


Hi there,

It appears that there is copy that you’re using in the body of your email that is setting off spam alerts. This won’t prevent you from sending your email, it just serves as a reminder to be more prudent about word choices.

You might want to check out this article to help with your deliverability and make sure that everything is on point.