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Site tracking before subscription?


Hey guys,

When I started using AC, I came across an interesting phenomenon: AC seemed to record site tracking data before my contacts actually signed up. When they did sign up, I could see their past site visit records when I looked at their history (recent activities).

I thought I’d build an automation onto this function. I’ve created it but doesn’t seem to work.

This is what I want: I want to tag those who sign up if they have visited a certain site before signing up. The automation trigger is ‘sign up to a list and has ever visited URL x’, and the order is: ‘tag them Y’. But in this case AC doesn’t seem to tag these people as if it didn’t know they have visited that particular site.

So does site tracking work retroactively as I experienced earlier? If so, can I build an automation on it?

Thanks for the answer and help.


Hi @levelybooks,

Right now site tracking doesn’t work retroactively. But, we are working on it and all of the data is being warehoused for you to use further down the road.



When when when??? ETA? This is from Sep’ 17, a lot of time has passed.

Pretty pleaaaase :smiley:


Hi @pleon ,

we also are dealing with this issue and we’d get massive value from knowing which was the browsing activity that bought the user to sign up.

Do you have any update on the release of the retroactive tracking feature?