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Site tracking and GDPR

Hi, i was reading about making site tracking GDPR compliant…

One question: where on the contacts card is consent to track their behavior visibly seen? And the date of consent given. For example if a person requests to see each and every information we have about them ( where will he be able to see that he DID/did not give his consent for site tracking and when?


I am also interested in hearing more information about this from ActiveCampaign.

The consent box needs to be manually created for a website. You will have to hard code it in your web pages so every time a user lands on your web page, it identifies the user and explicitly asks their permission for tracking their data.

You can see the details collected by AC site tracking at -

If you are looking for a web development agency to setup a consent form and link it with AC tracking code such that AC site tracking code works based on user’s consent - AGREED |
DISAGREED, then contact us at -

You can also read our views on “GDPR compliant website development” on our blog at -

If one use several tools that require code added to a site then building a consent form for each one will be cray-cray… What are your thoughts on using a Cookie Consent Management tool?

This Google site shares some examples:

I agree, you don’t want more than one Cookie/Tracking/Blablabla popup asking for consent…

I think there must be a simple single solution that covers all. Like checkboxes for cookie categories + a checkbox for tracking. Plus a button Check all, And Agree an/or Deny all.

Since a lot of people use WordPress I think it’s a good idea to have one uniform WordPress plugin that does this all.

For example a slide up bar at the bottom. And when the visitor made a choice, this bar should disappear. And when they click some menu item, the bar must reappear,
so they can change their settings.

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