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Should i switch Google Analytics on or create my own UTM strings?



I’m new to GA, so forgive me, if this is a dumb question or I have any of the terminology wrong.

Ok, basically I had GA switched on in campaigns, but then as i began to dive into GA, and learned about UT strings and goals etc, i was thinking creating my own UTM strings (with GA switched off on AC - cos i cant do both, right? would be a more flexible approach and more future proofed (say, if i wanted/needed to move from AC).

The problem is, it’s a lot more work, right? I have to add all these new url strings to waits and rules.

My objective is to track not just clicks and visits, but actual conversions (and the route to conversion).

Am I over thinking it?

What are the pro’s/cons’ of each approach?

What do you do and why?

Thanks for your time, i really appreciate it.