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Set automation to run on certain days

Hi all,

I am moving to ActiveCampaign from a different email marketing software that allowed me to set the day(s) and time that a stream (automation) of emails would run. I could edit this for the entire automation rather than for each individual email.

I understand in ActiveCampaign you can set up “wait” actions to wait until the day of the week matches whatever day I want to send the email.

My problem is that this automation is going to be quite complex with 50+ emails and there are times throughout the year such as holidays when I want to change the day(s) of the week this automation will run, just for that week. So if I set up wait periods between each email in this automation, I’d have to manually change them in those particular weeks. This is not doable for me.

The only workaround I can think of is to set up a new automation to tag people on days I want the big automation to run and then remove that tag on days I don’t want the big automation to run. And then I’d set the big automation to wait until it sees that tag to run. That way I could quickly alter the days the big automation runs in one place rather than editing every wait action after every email.

Has anyone dealt with a similar issue? My concern is this tag will be applied and removed multiple times a week for 100,000+ contacts. It makes me cringe to think that I could run into issues with lag or something. I would appreciate any input!