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Sending only active contacts to automation


I have a number of lead magnets on my site and visitors frequently sign up for more than one of them, either at the same time, or at different times.
Each lead magnet has its own automation sequence.

I therefore setup the automations to trigger when they submit the appropriate form, but this was only working when they signed up for the first one: when I tested it out, the second automation never started because my test email was already on the list.
I therefore setup my forms to add a tag to the subscriber when they submit it and use that as a start condition.

However, that brings a new problem: a completely new subscriber gets added to the automation before they have confirmed their account (I have to use double opt in).
This means they will skip through emails until they become active subscribers.

How can I fix this so they either don’t start the automation until they have confirmed their account (preferred option), or are delayed/paused in the automation until they have confirmed?

Thanks in advance!