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Sending only active contacts to automation


I have a number of lead magnets on my site and visitors frequently sign up for more than one of them, either at the same time, or at different times.
Each lead magnet has its own automation sequence.

I therefore setup the automations to trigger when they submit the appropriate form, but this was only working when they signed up for the first one: when I tested it out, the second automation never started because my test email was already on the list.
I therefore setup my forms to add a tag to the subscriber when they submit it and use that as a start condition.

However, that brings a new problem: a completely new subscriber gets added to the automation before they have confirmed their account (I have to use double opt in).
This means they will skip through emails until they become active subscribers.

How can I fix this so they either don’t start the automation until they have confirmed their account (preferred option), or are delayed/paused in the automation until they have confirmed?

Thanks in advance!


Have you found a solution to this problem? I have the same problem - I have several opt-ins and sometimes people who are not yet on my list enter automations before they confirm their subscription. I’ve discovered it only today. What I’m trying out now is the following:

  • I tag people when they submit the form (I use the same form for all automations)
  • The authomation is triggered by the tag
  • After that I set the automation to WAIT until the contact is in the list (I am assuming this means that they have actually subscribed + confirmed their subscription).

I am expecting that this will work. If the contact is a new subscriber - they won’t proceed through the automation until they have confirmed their subscription to the list.
If the contact is on my list already - they won’t have to wait and will proceed with the automation.

Another option I thought about is to use different forms for different opt-ins and use the submission of the forms as the trigger - but I’m not sure if this would solve the problem.


Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

Yes, I have more or less resolved the issue, although I went down a slightly different route than yours (it sounds like both should work).

I ended up setting up a separate list and form for each content upgrade/lead magnet.
I then updated the automations to only start through addition of a tag, but then (and this is the key part) set up the tag to be added from the button in the confirmation email attached to each form only.

That way the tag is added at the moment they confirm their subscription and the automation begins.
It’s also handy if I want to manually place existing subscribers into an automation as all I have to do is add the tag.

Once they complete the automation related to the specific content upgrade they signed up for, the automation unsubscribes them from that list and subscribes them to the main newsletter list.
It also tags them with “add to newsletter” which starts the newsletter automation (I set this to run once so only people new to the sequence go into it).

It’s not as elegant as I would like and I’m still monitoring to check it is performing as expected.
However, it seems to be working so far and more importantly, it ensures I have full double opt in for each content upgrade, but still allows for existing subscribers to get a different lead magnet if they want.

I’d prefer it if it allowed existing subscribers to grab a different lead magnet without another double opt in, but at least I know for sure that I’m GDPR compliant.
It doesn’t seem to have hurt my sign up rate either.

Hope that helps!