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Searching For Duplicate Contacts

I am trying to find duplicate contacts within my list, without having to wait for the customer to bring it to my attention, but I can’t seem to find anything in the guides except how to manually merge two contacts.

For example, if there are two contacts for Jane Smith but with different email addresses, I want to be able to find them and merge them on my own.

Is there a way for the system to do a full search and find duplicate contacts within a list? Or another way to set up the way people enter my automations to prevent future duplicates?

Thanks in advance!


would love to know the answer to this too! Obviously you can’t expect us to manually go through thousands of emails and somehow find duplicates.

Can we get a response on this one? This a basic CRM functionality that should be top priority. When can we expect this feature to be added?

Would love to know an answer to this! Thanks!

I’m adding my vote on this request. This is a badly needed functionality.

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Please add this functionality!

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How in the world is this not a built-in function?! Please add this!!

Yes, please add this functionality. Very important.

Badly needed functionality here - has no reply been forthcoming ?