Scrubbing ongoing list


I currently download a .csv file each day upload it to a list and ad a tag “billing [insert current date]”
then I go to the manage tags and look up the same tag from yesterday and see if anyone on that list ALSO has today’s tag, if they don’t have today’s tag that means they paid their bill and weren’t on today’s .csv file. Then I MANUALLY remove yesterdays tag. I’m left with everyone with yesterdays tag who also has today’s tag and any new people with today’s tag. Rinse and repeat every day.

I cant just start over each day because there is two separate 30 day sequences of emails that goes out reminding them to pay their bill.

I just need to automate the scrubbing portion.


Hey Austin,

Would something like this work for you?

Either instead of the billing[date], or in addition to them…

Create tags NeedToPay, DidNotPay, Paid

Everyone in your “yesterday” list is tagged with NeedToPay

Each day, you import your list and tag those people with DidNotPay

Then you run all of your NeedToPay contacts through your scrubber automation which does…

If tag exists NeedToPay and tag exists DidNotPay Then
remove tag DidNotPay

If tag exists DidNotPay and tag does not exist NeedToPay
add tag NeedToPay // these are new people in todays import
remove tag DidNotPay

If tag exists NeedToPay and tag does not exist DidNotPay
remove tag DidNotPay
remove tag NeedToPay
add tag Paid

If I’ve done that correctly, then those outstanding will still have the NeedToPay tag. The DidNotPay tag is always removed so we can start again tomorrow. You will also have a Paid tag, which you could use as a goal to stop your reminder emails.




@rebar This is why I post on here. That sounds logical… I test it. Thanks for the idea.