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Sales funnel automation


I am building a sales funnel with 7 emails. The goal is to release one email at a time at different intervals over a 14 day period. Active Campaign has the automation that allows this to happen.

However, using an example, my concern if email one and two are sent immediately a user signs up on my website landing page and email three is automated to send in 2 days and email four automated to send in 1 day and then email five automated to send in 2 days etc, the user may lose interest as this is my time frame to automatically release an email and not what they want.

Is there a way to add to each email a ‘Button’ with code that allows the user to release the next email on their terms?

Any help would be appreciated.



Why dont you create a button on the email, and when they click on it, it starts an automation that stops the default send sequence you set and replace it with a new sequence determined by the recipient?