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Run automation on existing subscribers

Hi, Is it possible to run a automation on a existing list?


People filled in a form to receive a free chapter of my ebook. But i forgot to place a trigger for people entering the particular list. How can i start the sequence for them?

Cheers, Nico

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Hi Nico,

In that case, do an advanced search that segments those contacts. Then do a bulk edit and add them to the automation.

Here is a screenshot gif demonstrating something similar:

Let me know if that helps.


It worked! Thanks!

It was a little usability-thing. It wasn’t clear to me that, when selecting multiple contact, ‘all contacts’ meant that i was going to ‘edit’ all contacts’. I thought it would select al contacts :wink:


Thanks for this @Brian . I was wondering the same as I’m setting up a new automation and want to send it to an existing list. I know what to do now!


Hi Brian

I guess the link to the screen recording is broken, could you please share again.
I want to manually start an automation for around 600 contacts. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

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Hi David—

It’s still working for me:

It’s a relatively large gif so give it a minute to load. Let me know if it still isn’t working for you and I’ll figure something else out.

Hi Brian

It works, I had a problem with my browser, sorry.

I have another question:
Usually my automation starts when a new person subscribes to my master list.

So when I bulk add all the existing subscribers to an automation the automation will run or do I have to add an additional starting-trigger in the workflow chart of the automation?

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you can follow me.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Hey @habichtmusic!

If you bulk add subscribers to an automation where the start trigger is a subscribe - they will be run through the automation no prob :)!

Apologies for opening this once again @Brian but the link doesn’t work. Can you upload it again? Thanks!


Please share the screenshot again. It’s not working.

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Why isn’t there just a button a that says “Start Automation”. It sends the first email right then and the sequence starts. It couldn’t be easier. You choose the existing list and voila. Why doesn’t that exist?

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Hi there, the link of the screenshot/video recording isnt working anymore.