Round Robin Limitations/Issues


There seems to be a huge limitation with the Round Robin functionality. We have a number of sales reps and recently one left the company and was replaced by someone else. Since we added this new team member, every single Deal has been assigned to him.

I’ve been told that this is happening because lead distribution for Round Robin functionality is based on the total number of Deals. Since we have sales reps that have been with the company for years (and accumulated 100’s of Deals) all new Deals will be assigned to the new Rep until his Deal total catches up with the other Reps. This seems counter-intuitive to Round Robin and is causing a lot of issues…

How can we work around this issue and is this something that can be addressed? This is a major flaw that makes the functionality unusable.


Hi Andrew,

I briefly spoke to someone on the product team and this is something we’d like to look into. Would you mind submitting a ticket and DM’ing me the ticket number? I’ll make sure it gets routed to the right person. Support will probably gather some information from you to see what would help and then pass that onto product.

It’s possible we could do something in the short-term to help with your client’s situation but we’d have to find out more.

Here’s the link to submit a ticket:


Hi Brian, in your documentation it reads (on this page;

“Note: Round robin will not assign deals evenly unless the users selected have the same amount of deals assigned to them. For example, if User A has less assigned deals than User B, the Round Robin feature will assign deals to User A until both users have the same amount of deals. Once they have the same amount of deals, round robin will distribute deals evenly.”

Can this be changed?

I have the same problem with one of my clients accounts where a couple of new reps are getting every deal, one new rep isn’t getting any and a couple of older reps don’t get any either which I’m assuming is because they have 50+ deals in their pipeline.

I don’t know why AC would set this up this way as it doesn’t make much sense to me. If you have a high performing rep for example and they convert more deals through various stages of their pipeline, but other reps don’t convert through stages and delete/remove deals, then AC is rewarding the poor performing reps with more leads???

Or as per the above comment from AndrewPage, new reps get all the leads and the old reps have to wait (in the case of the client I’m working with it’ll be more than 3 months before they receive another new lead!!)

At the very least, we need an option that will rotate evenly regardless of deal count so each rep will get assigned 1 lead then the next rep in the rotation will receive the next lead and so on…

My client is very upset by the current format (which I admit I wasn’t aware of till now) and suggested a move away from Active Campaign because it’s unusable and unmanageable. I have to agree with him at this point that the CRM side doesn’t seem like it will work as it currently is but I don’t want them to change platforms after all the time and work invested into Active Campaign already.

Please have a look into this as Andrew has pointed out - this is a major flaw making the CRM unusable.


Anybody knows if Activecampaign has solved this problem, i’ve contacted them 3 times and they don’t give any solution. Our team is really disappointed with this service.