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Reporting on Tasks


Something that is quite frustrating is not having the ability to report on my staff’s activity. It is becoming more of a necessity that i have the ability to report and see a summary of:

• Tasks complete by type e.g. call, email, meeting etc.

• Tasks created by type

Not only a summary but also a report to get a bit more detail maybe against the completed tasks in a day you could see a list of them and a 30-40 character preview of whatever was typed in.

I wouldnt think we are the only company that would benefit from this.


Crickets buddy. They have been talking about a new release for months, not sure where it fits in the priority list. I have asked multiple times and even send an msg on LInkedIn to CEO. I was going to send a copy of Act 5.0 from the 1990s to show them how you can have reports. I have given up on reporting.


I am trying to move from Pipedrive to AC, but the CRM features are very poor. Until now, there is no Report for Tasks!

And also, why not a VOIP feature that enables to make phone calls directly from AC? Maybe an integration with Aircall or Justcall or Freshcaller or whatever.

I am trying hard, but without these features is impossible to use AC as a CRM. Unfortunately.


Totally agree - I have logged this as a new idea on the ideas page at

Please vote for it to be implemented. Surely it is a basic requirement for a system to be called a CRM?


I love ActiveCampaign as a marketing and email automation tool. But the CRM features are very poor. Unfortunatelly, it can’t be even compared with the other options in the market, like Pipedrive, for example. We really need better CRM features to consider using ActiveCampaign for salesteam.

I can’t understand why the Reports for CRM is not improved. And I have asked for years. Pipedrive has such an incredible Report feature. Why doesn’t ActiveCampaign do the same?

How can we use ActiveCampaign as a CRM if there is not a good report feature?

We really need a better report tool.


I appreciate what you are saying. In the (distant) past I have worked as both an ACT! Certified Consultant and a GoldMine partner. Older programs built for contact managment/SFA/CRM have robust task reporting features. Keep in mind that the CRM functionality in AC was not acquired and bolted on. It was (and is) being developed to operate seamlessly with the marketing automation. So the automations can utilize tasks and deal info. My suggestion is to offload the reporting for now with a third party product to solve the issue.