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Reply Tracking - How do you use it?


Hi guys,

Curious to know what kind of workflows you have for reply tracking? Currently not knowing if a “replier” needs to be in an automation or not, I just end the automation.

This is because we don’t know what the reply is and there’s no way to “automate” reply-“rules” (it seems).

I can totally see reply automation work if AC says "Ok, your replier’s email contained the word “vasectomy”, so we added him to the “Vasectomy Automation”, but I haven’t seen such a rule creation wizard lol

Hence the curiosity, how do you handle replies?


I see it as using it to track who is receiving the replay which would be helpful if you have multiple sales people. So email #1 sets up a reply to a specific sales person, then you track who is replying to that person.
(That’s how I would see it working)


Reply tracking is really useful if you’re using our CRM to manage your opportunities. When a contact replies, you can have a task created to answer their reply so you stay organized and on top of moving your deals forward.

When the new version of Deals is released, you’ll be able to do the same thing with contacts because you’ll be able to add tasks to contacts.


Thanks @desireewolfe!

Sounds neat @Brian. But till then, I wanted to create a “Reply automation” that no matter where a reply happens, and when, I want it to “End it from that automation”, and do what’s next (like, notify or add task, etc)

I noticed that the “End other automation” action needs to be specific about what automation it is. This means there’s no easy way for me to “stop everything till this contact’s reply is attended to!”

How would you deal with that @Brian? Having a reply automation that does that would be great!

The hugely popular email KPI/metric these days!