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Programmatically create an automation?

Is there a way to programmatically create an automation? There’s doesn’t appear to be an API for creating Automations.

Or is there a way to export the automation in json/xml, instead of that “share” url that they force you to use?

I have a bunch of e-learning courses that I’ve created. And I want to programmatically create an automation campaign for each.

I have too many courses to manually recreate an automation for each.

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Does anyone know if there’s a programmatic way to create an automation?

The documentation only seems to describe the GET operation. That being said, the Exclusions are not mentioned at all, and they also seem to have atleast a GET operation. Thus the documentation might not be complete.

I second this request for programmatic automation creation.

One of the many use cases - I want to have an ordered list of automations, and enter each user into the first automation whose entry criteria they satisfy. This would be easy to do with a programming language. With my current understanding, using the GUI for this would be tedious and error prone.