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Problem with Wix and Internet Explorer



Today i encountered a problem that is mystically not possible to solve. You see, i created a form in ActiveCampaign. I connected it to my Wix website. Everything went well until i checked my website from the Internet Explorer browser. The ActiveCampaign form has a starnge unnecessary scrollbar on the right. I have been working on it for the whole day in order to remove it somehow but nothing has worked. ActiveCapaign form has a strange scrollbar on the right. Totally unnecessary. Looking through Chrome everything is okay. But when i look thorugh internet explorer (even edge) it is there.

I am really desperate here. No support can help me. How could i remove this unnecessary scrollbar from the AC-s form on my wix site?


Hi there!

It looks like you already opened a ticket with our Support team, but we’re posting the resolution here as well, just for anyone else who comes across this issue.

This is an IE/Edge issue, which you should be able to bypass by adding this to your CSS:
html { -ms-overflow-style: -ms-autohiding-scrollbar; }

Please let us know if this still doens’t resolve the issue, and we can take another look.