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Problem: Changing a contact several times in one import doesn´t start the automations correctly

I have this problem:
I have a list of Licenses, that are created by our scustomers for different apps. This means:

  • each License has its own entry in the import
  • one contact may have more that one license, so that the data will be overwritten several times in one import (or by API)
  • There are automations that should be startet for each license

I created an automation, that starts if a new license is added (overwriting the License ID) and the start date is today. It works for the first few test imports, but after some time, the start triggers do not work anymore…
are there any restrictions about starting triggers per time? or any other idea, How I can handle this?

the api call will update all entries once an hour, so I need to runthrough this checking automation a few times a day…