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Posting from Quickbooks to AC


I’ve looked all over to figure out a solution.

When an invoice is created in Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop, I want to create a deal in AC and put it in a NEW ORDER stage.

When the order ships, and a tracking number is associated with the invoice, I want the deal in AC to move to the SHIPPED stage.

I’ve looked into things like

Quickbooks Desktop --> ZohoCRM --> AC
Quickbooks Desktop --> Google Sheets–> AC

While I can figure out how to get the contact into AC, I can’t seem to get the order date, like order number, amount, items ordered, etc.


Hi @woodenshoedesigns,

This is going to require quite a bit of work, using the API v3 to bring over all that data, so a consultant would be the best solution likely. There is currently no out of box solution for this right now.

Hope this helps,