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Possible to add CUSTOM DEAL FIELD info into an automation to update a contact field / or other ways to send sms to persons from a custom deal fields information?


We are trying to send an SMS to someone. But this number information is available in a CUSTOM DEAL FIELD section, and not in this CONTACT CUSTOM FIELDS, because every deal of this contact has got another mobile number.

We are a little bit tied in our options it looks like.

  • We cannot send sms with the ActiveCampaign option - since there is only a possibility to send it to the contact itself.
  • We cannot use information from the custom deal fields and overwrite contact info because these fields are not ‘accessible’ within automations.
  • We cannot use Zapier in combination with Twillio because we cannot send the custom deal fields are also not possible within sending a webhook.

Anybody with creative minds?