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Please Help Me Set-Up for Two "Businesses" and Future-proof (as much as possible)


I am getting ready to make the switch to ActiveCampaign. So far, my email service provider experience of late is limited to a 3-month ConvertKit trial. I’m still new to all this and am trying to wrap my head around how it all works.

My wife and I have two distinct “ventures” we want to use email marketing for (our homeschool coaching service and our writing). One of the big reasons I am switching is because I’ve been told I can use one AC account to manage both of our projects, while ConvertKit requires separate accounts for each.

I am trying to plan ahead in order to avoid complications down the line.

  1. I’d like to keep my Homeschooling subscribers separate from my Writing subscribers. What’s the best way to accomplish this? A list for each? Something else?

  2. I’d also like to keep open the possibility of subscribers unsubscribing from sub-“lists” without unsubscribing from the entire list–if that makes sense. Right now, we are not that complex and will only have one “list” for each venture, but I can see us creating course or product specific “lists” within the Master List in the future, and I want people to be able to manage their subscription at a more granular level.

Assuming this is possible, what’s the best way to do this?

  1. Finally, if you think you understand what I’m getting at here, please feel free to share anything I might want to keep in mind going forward related to all of this. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this will all come down to the use of lists, tags, and other such things. Hoping someone can give me the specifics. Thanks for your time. Sorry to ramble.



Hi Dan (@goodschooling),

First of all welcome to ActiveCampaign!

Second, you are on the right track with lists, tags, and other things; for working on both ventures I would use a combination of lists, tags, and custom fields to differentiate the two. Below are some helpful guides to get you started:

  1. One List vs Multiple Lists: The ActiveCampaign Experts Weigh in

  2. How to Segment Contacts Using Lists, Tags and Custom Fields

I would also recommend checking out our help docs. and our education page which are great resources for questions you might have. However, feel free to continue to reach out on AC Forum with any questions you might have.



Thank you. I’ve read through a few of those already but will continue pouring over them to glean what I can.

Can I safely assume that the things I referred to are possible with ActiveCampaign? 1) Run multiple businesses and 2) allow users to manage their subscriptions/unsubscriptions to lists within those businesses?


Hi Dan (@goodschooling),

Oh great! Also, if you haven’t checked out our blog or podcast those are extremely helpful for use case scenarios.

Also, your assumptions are correct.



Hey @goodschooling,

We have multiple business that we use activecampaign with. For instance I name each automation with the biz or website name…I put the name in parenthesis then the automation name, here’s an example:

(biz name 1) Welcome Automation
(biz name 2) Welcome Automation
(biz name 3) Welcome Automation

This makes it easy to know what the automation is and what business it belongs to.

Hope that helps.

David P.


That helps a lot! Thanks. It’s helpful to 1) know someone is doing it, and 2) be sure I’m on the same page by seeing what they’re doing. Appreciate it.


It’s good to see that managing several businesses in AC is possible based on lists; however, if I may suggest, Drip does much more elegantly: they let you create multiple sub-accounts - and you select which sub-account (business) you would like to work with at the moment, simply by selecting it from the drop-down list

there is a total separation between separate businesses, including its own dashboard, settings, reports, subscribers-count, lists, automation, etc. - even - including a unique ID for each site’s tracking code. It is just a much better UX approach

Oh, and Drip still charges based on the total number of subscribers (including ALL sub-accounts).

AC came a long way improving its UI and loading speed, and I am strongly considering switching to AC from Drip, this is the only thing that is holding me back, as I am managing 4 different businesses, they each do not have too many subscribers, but it is very nice to have a clear point of separation.