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Personalization tag with custom checkbox field

I’m in the process of setting up a Preference Centre to allow users to manage their subscription preferences (via a link at the bottom of our automated emails). It makes sense for the user to click the link in their email and to have all relevant data pre-filled: their name, email address, and any current preferences they’re subscribed to.

I’m using a custom field to hold info on which list they’re subscribed to. However I’m having an issue with prefilling the custom field when the user has more than one checkbox selected.

Here are some example links:

  • List 1 - prefilling only “list1” works as expected
  • List 2 - prefilling only “list2” works as expected
  • List 1 and List 2 - prefilling both “list1” and “list2” does not work, both are unselected

Is there a way to fix this? I’m not sure how I can format that personalization tag any different. If there’s a different way to achieve this I’m all for it, I just can’t figure it out.

In case anyone’s reading this in the future with a similar situation, I came up with a fix that works for us:

  • host the form within our own environment, where we can run our own JavaScript
  • have some JS trigger only with this particular form, and search for the personalization tag data in the URL string
  • do some string manipulation to extract the data, and then check the relevant checkbox fields

So all in all, it works and works pretty well, and means we can have the user open this page (with a link from an email sent to them) and the form accurately reflects their current subscription status.

I’m looking for exactly this information. Did you have any luck?

I don’t want to involve website development, especially as we’re in the process of migrating website back-end - seems like something that should be possible within ActiveCampaign.

Ran into the same problem here: I need to pass on the already checked items in a checkbox field to a pre-filed AC form, but the query string doesn’t work.

I read that a piece of JS code could do the job and that could be a solution in my situation. Anyone who would be willing to share some example code, as I am not a JS expert? @thebrew maybe?

Much appreciated, thank you.

Hi all,

Looking for the same thing. Also prefer to manage without JS code, but directly in the URL string or so. Any ideas?