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Official PHP API wrapper for v3?



I’ve been using the API (v2 and v3) by writing my own wrapper code using curl. I’m about to write some production PHP code and thought it would be better to use the official wrapper:

This looks to be for v2. Is there some official v3 PHP library? I don’t mind if it’s alpha/beta. I’d rather not roll my own for v3 access. Is there any library that accesses both?



Hi Scott (@kycglobal),

I don’t have a specific timeline for the release yet, but stay tuned!




Ok, thanks for the update! :slight_smile:


If anyone knows of any step by step for compete noobs how to get started with the API that would be a huge help. I’m trying to work out how to update tags a user based on selections in a memberpress form and it’s impossible for a noob without money to pay for a developer to at least learn.


For my purposes, I just needed read-only access to things, but it was MUCH easier to deal with than the V2 API. They’ve standardized and improved the API a LOT comparatively. I rolled my own for the pieces of data I needed and it came together pretty quickly.

As for a library that would access both versions, it would be much more work than it’s worth to try that I think. And, now that it looks like they have most all of the V3 API out and documented, starting something new with the V2 API be a less-than-stellar idea.


Hi @developyourmarketing,

i found API-3 not well documented and still missing an wrapper for php (since years developing time!!)

I’m really puzzled which API to use. For me it seems better using old API-3 since there things better documented, seemingly working better and a wrapper available.

Actually, i found API-3-documentation pretty poor:

  • how to add a relation in a POST or PUT request?
  • how to add permission for a specific list to a group?
  • missing completely ok-return-codes and error-messages

Hope something gets better?!


+1 Would like to know when the v3 SDK is released please :slight_smile: