Non subscribed contacts... using AC as CRM


I’m wondering if anyone enters non-subscribed contacts and emails them manually from within AC?
…including a “subscribe to my list” link in the email signature footer.
for example, meet someone at a networking meeting,
have a template that i shoot out from AC (instead of email client),
include the link,
after a few times they actually do subscribe, then I have a record of my outreach…

I’m sure this isn’t a new idea… would like to hear from others!


We do use AC as CRM - with contacts who are not on any lists, but we want to have their details and email history handy.

The “subscribe to my list” template is a great idea :slight_smile:



thanks for your response! I’m finally getting up to speed with AC and this is something that i think will be very useful… :grinning:


We were using AC this way too, in our initial outreach to prospective clients.

Not adding them to any list but inviting them to join one further down the process.

However, this is not allowed. I have just been advised about this and that “You first need to get that opt-in confirmation before you can start sending to your contacts. Once the contact has opted-in, you are free to send to them from ActiveCampaign.”

Which doesn’t make sense: the Deal function is all about 1 on 1 interactions and, as is stands, AC require contacts to opt in a communication before one can get in touch with someone.

Outreach and Sales doesn’t work like this.