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New integration: Nectar Desk: Call center solution

Nectar Desk is a full-featured SaaS call center solution with a high-quality ActiveCampaign integration. It allows you to automatically pull your contact’s information into Nectar Desk for inbound and outbound calling. You can also create contact and deal records, add deal notes, log call details into ActiveCampaign (inbound or outbound), and make calls from the ActiveCampaign interface using Nectar Desk’s click-to-call extension.

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Hi Brian,

I’ve tried Nectar Desk demo version, but i couldn’t do all the things you said (which i’m very interested in).
For example, dashboard didn’t allow me to edit, manage the contact or even adding tags within Nectar Desk.

Is that a matter of software version?



I spoke with the developer and it appears that description isn’t entirely accurate. These are the features and functionality currently available:

  • Create AC Contacts from ND interface
  • Create AC Deals from ND interface with ability to select Pipeline, Owner, Stage
  • Add Deal Notes from ND interface
  • Automatically or Manually Log Call Details for Inbound and Outbound calls into AC
  • Make Call from AC interface using ND click-to-call extension

They are testing couple of new features they are looking to add around June 1st:

  • Send SMS from AC interface using ND click-to-call extension
  • Log Inbound and Outbound SMS to the appropriate Deal in AC
  • Screen Pop for Inbound calls with AC Contact information (when phone number matched with Contact in AC)

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and my apologies for the error. I’m going to edit the listing so it’s more accurate.

DON’T USE NECTAR DESK. It may integrate but the call quality is poor and the service is lacking. In 2 months that I have had it I have lost more business because of call quality and connection that would pay for 2 decades of a VOIP service of similar costs. They are a third party service so trying to port a number has been time consuming and frustrating.

I regret my decision to use their service.

Nectar Desk is promoted by AC as THE integration solution a Call Center.

Nectar Desk, regardless of the problems mentioned above has too much funtionality for SMB companies that just need too be able to use simple click-to-call functionality and some easy recognition of the number calling the sales person and ability to make call notes. I have seen this similar functionality in other CRMs (e.g. AgileCRM) and it is of great value. Want to move away from AgileCRM and notice this functionality is lacking in AC.

There should be a standard integration to a VOIP platform of choice, with the minimum functionality for inbound and outbound call recording in AC’s CRM.

I suggest AC really puts this on the roadmap. It does not help to offer a giant solution to small companies that do not need it, can not afford it and also as stated above has quality issues in terms of service delivery. Furthermore it is a VOIP USA solution, while we have local VOIP players here in Europe with much cheaper call rates.

Anybody that has implemented alternative solutions?