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Memberpress and Active Campaign - No email management option?


I’m new to both MP and AC but I would really like to know how to achieve the following please and if it is at all possible.

I am using Memberpress on my WordPress site to control memberships. Once someone has paid, they go into the correct group, and they are added as a contact in AC.

I have 2 lists. A free list and a premium list. When someone is a premium member, I would like them to (from their account page which I will make) where they would have the choice to select from multiple options which would effect the newsletter I would send. For example:

If they don’t select anything. They would receive all the emails.

If they select Technology - they would only receive the technology emails.
If they select technology and travel - they would receive those newsletters.

I’d like to have it so their able to change their minds and add/remove categories from their account page on the WordPress website - but I’m not sure how to achieve this - but I’m sure it must be possible… I just don’t know if it’s something I need to do in Memberpress or Active campaign.

Finally, what would be the best way to handle the newsletters and the information they include? For example, sometimes the newsletters will include technology and travel, sometimes it would be science, (these are just examples) but how would I ‘tag’ the newsletters so they would be received by the people who have chosen them.

I hope this makes sense and if anyone is able to help a complete noob… I’d be very greatful.