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Managing a test environment - Test API keys or sandbox or similar


Hi there,
Is there a way we can get a test API key so that we can connect to AC and then go and see our test contacts and so on without effecting the real data?
Mandrill has a test API key and a ‘test mode’ that you can switch into and see all the data relating to the sand box.


Hey @engagementinnovation,

unfortunately we don’t have that capability, however you should be relatively safe with only GET requests. Most of those only read data, not create update or destroy.

An alternative is to use a trial account and populate it with data from SWAPI or similar.


Hi @jskole
Since my question is kind of related to the initial one, wanted to post it here.
Could you direct me and tell how to test my API v3 credentials to get back a response and know that all is ok?



replying to the original post.
If you want to test the API in a safe enviroment here you can request a developer sandbox account.