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“Makes a purchase” under Shopify

Hello to all!.

I have a question regarding the help section of the Shopify integration when it says… "The “Makes a purchase” automation trigger adds contacts to your automation as soon as they place an order in your Ecommerce store. These orders can have any status and includes those that you have successfully received payment for, as well as orders that have a status of pending or failed.

I’m confused about the last part. Does it means that Shopify does not distinguishes between a successful order and one that is not?. I would like to make an automation for “Thank you for buying from us!” but I do not want to send it to someone whose credit card has failed for example.

I would love to get some answer about this. Thanks!. Max

Hey Max!

You are correct, at this time, we just receive the initial purchase data from Shopify, and not any notifications about cancellations or payment issues. You can pull cancellation data in through Zapier (click here for more information).

Additionally, feel free to send our Product team a message here about this functionality, as this information is incredibly helpful as we plan our roadmap.


Thank you for your answer. Honestly, what’s the use of the important “Made purchase” trigger or action if not accurate?. Can’t create a “Thank you for your purchase” automation or tag a person as “new client” since it may be a failed purchased for example. Shopify ends their successful page with a /ThankYou at the end and a lot of other apps that integrate with Shopify can detect that. I found strange AC can’t when others can. While I use AC for other clients, for a Shopify client and I’m looking at other alternatives since I can’t create a good “after purchased” strategy when data may not be accurate. Thanks.

Hi there, I just want to add more weight behind this issue/flaw/oversight of the Deep Data Integration. Every Ecommerce is going to have a staus field/data for an order… so why not have a status value/field/option as part of the ecommerce orders part of the Deep Data API and the current Ecommerce Integrations. Shopify has a few status options to use[version]=2020-04

I still think you can bring all orders but allowing us to set the condition of the order prior to taking action would fix this issue. just append the status to the order and allow us to decide which orders can trigger actions.