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List cleanup strategies


Just wondering what kind of list cleaning strategies you use?

Identifying Not active or not engaged subscribers.


I have an automation inspired by Chris Davies that checks if a user responds to messages and if not, tags them. They then go into another automation that checks at 30, 60 and 90 days, and at 90 sends a last re-engagement message. If I get no response to that, they get tagged not to receive anything, so they no longer blight my deliverability. From time to time I manually delete these non-users.


To me, the best “list cleaning” is “list re-engagement”. Any ideas on how to re-engage contacts? Thanks.


I use the following strategy:

  • contacts that don’t show any activity the first 7 days are unsubscribed from the list
  • contacts that are inactive (they didn’t show any activity the last 90 days) are added to a re-engagement campaign. They receive 7 emails with valuable information, questions, etc. in order to reactivate them. If they don’t open any email in the re-engagement campaign, they are unsubscribed from all lists.

This is all AUTOMATED!

  • contacts that are bounced, will be deleted manually.